I read all the submissions today for both Photo Flare and Photo Flash. I sent two in each category up to Julie for her final decision. If you didn’t hear from me and you sent a submission, please LMK.

I really enjoyed all the stories this month. My condolences to those of you who got a rejection. I hate that part :( I’m surprised I got so many more for the flash contest since the other contest had a much bigger prize. But it has been pointed out to me that the second picture was a tough one. Next month, I’ll post four pictures total for Photo Flare and writers can choose two to write a story around. The flash contest will remain the same with one picture.

Here’s my last soundtrack selection. It’s from Karl who introduced me to the world of anime. I picked one song from Xenogears Creid. I really like the Celtic influence in it. Enjoy:


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