Spark Tally Friday!

Something crazy happened yesterday. My blog received ten times the amount of views it normally does. Almost all of them were for the pictures for the Photo Flare contest. Thank you to whoever it was that posted about it! I’m looking forward to all the stories. We are up to 89 likes on Facebook, so just eleven more before the prize goes up to $75!

I mainly worked on Fairy of Hearts this week, so I haven’t kept track of word count as closely. I’ll estimate about two thousand words in revisions so far. One of Julie’s comments that seemed relatively innocuous really caused a domino effect of changes in one of the chapters, and I think it’s much better now. Funny how something small can turn into something big.

How did you guys do? Sounds like real life is keeping everyone on their toes, but I’m glad we’re all still getting a little time in for writing!


4 thoughts on “Spark Tally Friday!

  1. I think for the first time since joining Spark Tally, I have to report that my word count is 0. After viewing a house, deciding it was “the one”, going into a multiple offer situation while the home owner was on notice for their own offer on a different house, to getting a mortgage in 48 hours on a weekend, and calling in favors to get a building inspection on a Sunday and insurance first thing Monday morning, I needed the next few days to recover from all the craziness. Although, that didn’t go to plan either and I ended up working almost 12 hours some days. I’m hoping to write a little bit tonight, but I am expecting my word count to be low until after the holidays. The closing date on the house is less than three weeks away and I need to get a lot of stuff done before then. Plus, Christmas prep and shopping on top of that! Of course. Everything at once!

    • Holly, congratulations on your new house! It’s impressive that you were able to work some long days in the middle of all that, and obviously writing had to take a back seat to everything for a few days. Your numbers will be back up in no time. I expect you’ve already picked out a room/nook/corner of the new house to write in.

  2. 1300 words on a new story for me, Melinda. I updated my blog, sklase, to make it more reader friendly. I hope it is an improvement. I am also thinking about following in your footsteps and having a writing contest, not every month, just once starting in the new year with a much smaller prize, just $10 for the winner and $5 for the runner up, based on one of my husband’s paintings. This is mainly to improve blog traffic and to get a chance to be at the other end of the publishing arena. I hope I actually get some submissions for it.