Spark Tally Friday!

This week’s gift cards go out to Daniel and Dawn for their guest posts on my site. They did it out of the kindness of their hearts, and I really appreciate it! I’m hoping they’ll stop by and post again soon!

David Lee Summers, the editor for Hadrosaur Press, is also going to join us for a guest blog in May. I’ll keep you posted about the details!

My word count this week is 6000. I wrote 2000, deleted 2000 and then wrote 4000 more. I’m going to have to get it over 10k for the next few weeks because the end of school is approaching all too quickly. I love summertime with my kids, but I’d really like to get a first draft done of one of these novels before then. Anyone want to join me and do over 10k words this week?

How many words have you gotten in and what have you been writing this week? Don’t feel shy if you’ve never posted here before. Everyone is welcome to join Spark Tally Fridays!

4 thoughts on “Spark Tally Friday!

  1. My word count was low again this week, maybe 500 words or so. It probably will remain low while I’m working through the revisions on my novel. Since I’m getting close to the fine tuning stage, the amount cut vs. amount added to this draft has pretty much canceled each other out. I also revised a short story based on a friend’s review. No other news in regards to rejections, acceptances, publications or anything else.

    Good job Melinda!

  2. Your word counts have been pretty impressive at times, Melinda. Mine was about 1500 words this week. I’m happy with it, because I wrote a flash fiction story, short article and revised a short story to submit somewhere hopefully this week. Since I had a cold this week, and slept badly and felt pretty miserable, I’m proud for laboring through my writing.

  3. @ Holly: Thanks for checking in even though you are revising more than writing. I enjoy posting on Fridays because when PTA people ask me what I’ve been up to all week and I reply “6000 words!” I get a look of WTH is she talking about :) I enjoy hearing what other writers have been doing all week—where their imaginations have taken them.

    @Shari: So sorry you were sick. Way to go getting some writing in anyway! Please keep me posted about your third round story for Untied…I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

    • Thanks. I defintely will let you know. The estimated time for reply was 16 days the email said but the other advances took longer than the 5 they estimated so…wait and see, right?